— From Poverty to Possibility
— Healthy People, Strong Communities
— All that Kids can Be

United Way is a Community Impact Organization serving St.Thomas and Elgin County since 1957. In addition to being a fundraiser and allocator of funds, United Way is interested in addressing root causes and facilitating sustainable change around the following issues identified by our community...


We've facilitated meaningful community conversations that allowed us to listen to citizens of all walks of life and to begin to understand what truly matters to them. We've learned how to take that information, what we call Public Knowledge, and combine it with the traditional Expert Knowledge that we've always been able to access. This provides us with a deeper understanding of not only what matters, but where there is a readiness to see change, where opportunities may exist and where we may have the best chance of success if we invest wisely.
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Youth, poverty/unemployment, medical, mental health and transportation. This is our focus.
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One of the strengths of donating your money through the United Way of Elgin St. Thomas is the guarantee that money is used directly in the support of community programs at our funded agencies. The United Way does not provide capital funding (cars,trucks, buildings, etc). We only fund programs, which means while you can donate directly to an agency where the money can be allocated anywhere, but it does not give you the securtity of knowing the money goes directly to those that need.
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