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— Healthy People, Strong Communities
— All that Kids can Be

United Way is a Community Impact Organization serving St.Thomas and Elgin County since 1957. In addition to being a fundraiser and allocator of funds, United Way is interested in addressing root causes and facilitating sustainable change around the following issues identified by our community


Being a leader in improving the quality of life for all people in Elgin County.


To provide the means by which a cross section of citizens and agencies, governmental and voluntary, may join in a community-wide effort to delive efficient human service programs effectively related to existing and emrging community needs. United Way-Centraide mobilizes a wide range of constituencies. Our goal is to work with these individuals, agencies, organizations, social movements, and various sectors to prevent and deal with social problems by influencing the systems and conditions that affect lives and communities



st.thomas united way supported by parkside collegiate institute 1975
The Past year has been one of challenge and transition, it has served to reaffirm our belief that united, we can do so much more than we can alone. We asked our community to pull together and play a role in creating a community where everyone matters with a simple call to action: Give.Volunteer. Act. You accepted our challenge, and Elgin-St. Thomas is a better place as a result.

In 2011, United Way Elgin-St. Thomas set its campaign goal at $700,000 because this is what was required to fill the needs of the local community. We did realize however, that with the loss of some of our major contributors we would be fortunate to surpass $500,000. Thanks to the incredible generousity of our community the 2011 Campaign in the end collected just over $600,000 abd exceeded everyone's expectations.

Of course the most important measure of success is the IMPACT these dollars will have in people's lives right here in Elgin-St. Thomas. The generousity of our community means that United Way's investment in our community partners continues at levels with allow the funding of 31 programs run by 19 agencies focusing on United Way's four impact areas;

  1. Youth
  2. Poverty/Unemployment
  3. Medical
  4. Mental Health and Transportation

This year we look forward to the challenges of continuing to work towards a community impact funding approach. Funding from the Trillium Foundation has allowed us to hire a transition consultant who will assist us with assessing the needs of our community and identifying the areas in which United Way can have the greatest impact.

To enable us to further invest in the community and address new and emerging issues as they arise a strategic initiatives fund has been established. This will allow for more effective support for projects that have positive, long term, lasting effects on Elgin-St. Thomas.

As in the past we will be guided by community-wide input and through engagement of all sectors - business, government, labour and non-profit we will continue to work towards creating a community where we are proud to live, work, and play. Our commitment to making meaningful, long-term change in Elgin-St.Thomas have never been stronger and with the help of our supporters and community partners we look forward to significant growth and a successful 2012.